“Software engineering with a passion for design, polish and clean user interface design. We focus on end-user apps and can also help you with the back-end and other supporting infrastructure for such apps.”

Custom apps

Does your company need their own smartphone app or mobile optimised website?
We can help you realise this. We can offer help with data analysis, interaction and technical design of the app and any accompanying infrastructure. And of course we’re there for building and testing your app or site too.


Do you prefer to build your app or website yourself, but you could use a bit of help here and there? No problem. We can support you with every technical and creative decision you need to make along the way.


Building for mobile devices requires some specific knowledge. We offer introductory training for developers and designers and advanced training on specific subjects. Trainings are interactive, bootcamp style. This way, they don’t just offer theoretical knowledge but you get some experience right away!


Want to know more? No problem. You can reach us in the following ways:


+31 6 31 99 43 90